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Bean Gratin Haiku & Recipe

trust me, it's better than it looks!

I really think beans are amazing.  We’re not eating a lot of meat these days, so I’ve upped the ante on beans and other sources of protein.  The more I learn about the mass production of animals , the less able I am to buy it, ethically, theologically.  And at the moment, meat that has been raised in just and humane ways is beyond our budget.  So we go without, and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything when I’m eating these tasty beans!



oh – cranberry beans!

you make a lovely gratin

with bread crumbs on top



creamy and crunchy

with lots of layers of flavor

juices to sop up



you’re also so cheap,

in an economic way,

and nourishing, too



I’ll make you again,

again and again, please just

promise to bring fall




(recipe adapted from Alice Waters, ‘Cranberry Bean Gratin’ in The Art of Simple Food. The haiku presentation is not her fault.)

1¼ cup dried beans, soaked then cooked

¼ c diced onion

¼ c diced celery

½ c olive oil, divided

4 garlic cloves, sliced

6 sage leaves, chopped or 1-2 teaspoons dried

½ c chopped tomatoes

1 c toasted bread crumbs



to make bean gratin

cook beans and save the water

then set them aside



sautee equal parts

in olive oil small carrot

onion, celery



when veggies are soft

add sliced garlic and some sage

and cook a bit more



small chopped tomato

is added now to the pot

add salt and pepper



next add the drained beans

and stir it all together

pour into a pan



drizzle olive oil

after almost covering beans

with reserved liquid



top beans with bread crumbs

toast them first with olive oil

mmm, nice and crunchy



for forty minutes

bake at four hundred degrees

then thank God for beans


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Beans & Rice Haiku


Breakfast, five days in a row


I love beans and rice

For breakfast or for dinner

Lovely seeds of life

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